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Deliverable 2.1 Market entry barriers report

This report describes the market entry barriers due to regulation and standardisation that companies operating in the bio-based economy experience. The analysis is based on extensive interviews.

Five main hurdles that were identified and are in detail discussed in the report are:

  • End of Life
  • Certification and Standards
  • Biofuel Policy
  • Long Term Policy
  • Communication and Image

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Deliverable 2.2 Solution direction report

D2.2 Solution direction report

Deliverable 3.1 Identification of technological trends in selected value chains

In this report, the results of the ex-ante analysis executed under the STAR4BBI project with the objective of identifying possible future technological developments, industry trends and innovations in selected value chains of the bio-based industries are presented. It aims at cap-turing the view of experts on anticipating future industry trends and innovations and identi-fying preliminary potential updates of the regulatory framework needed for supporting a full deployment of innovation potentials and therefore stimulating investments.

CRISPR related technologies, techniques for the valorisation of lignin and furan-based chemistry resulted as the three most promising technologies/innovations and were defined by the experts as potential drivers of change for the future of the European bioeconomy.

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Deliverable 3.2 Regulatory and Standardization needs in bio-based industry

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Deliverable 3.3 Policy paper on strategy for development of an RCS framework

D3.3 – Policy paper on strategy for development of an RCS framework

Deliverable 4.3 Developing standards for bio-based industries

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Deliverable 4.4 Regulation action plan

D4.4_Regulation action plan_final

Consent form

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Declaration of Intent

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Dissemination activity reports

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This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 720685.